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Creative Nudge – Go To Your Happy Place

Mother Nature apparently didn't get Punxsutawney Phil's message that Spring has arrived. The day before my trip we had 9" of snow in Boulder, and the two days I spent in Ohio with Sophie (filming 4 segments for Quilting Arts … Continue reading

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A Full Plate of Blossoms!

  Do you ever have weeks where everything just seems to hit all at once? That's the kind of week I had…starting with euthanising our beloved doggie Sunday, flying to a trade show Monday, helping Sam to catch up after … Continue reading

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Creative Nudge – Springboard for Creativity

Tonight I am writing to you from my hotel in Las Vegas! I am here for 2 days at a textile show, and I just finished up ordering lots of bodacious fabrics that are shipping this summer. After immersing myself … Continue reading

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Supporting the Richness of our Quilting Organizations

Happy Quilting Day, Happy Pi Day, and Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Lately I've been working with board members of various organizations, brainstorming how to raise funds so they can upgrade equipment, attract new members, and thrive without constant financial stress. … Continue reading

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A Message from Karey Bresenhan:

(Posted on the Quiltart List this morning) Folks, I hate to ask for money worse than I hate snakes. (And I really,really don't like snakes!) But sometimes the cause is just so good that youhave to overcome your hesitation and … Continue reading

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Why do we make quilts?

Why do we make quilts? The reason has evolved as women have evolved in society. This practical craft of recycling clothing scraps to make warm blankets, has a history around the world from America to Japan and beyond, because fabric … Continue reading

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14 years ago, on March 10th 1999, Paul and I looked around my basement studio at our house, with a few hundred bolts of fabric, and decided to send out our first newsletter announcing that we were open for business. … Continue reading

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SAQA Fundraiser

One of the best things about my "job" is that I have the opportunity to help others. In addition to our fundraising through our charity program (2% of sales go to charity – over $1 million raised so far!) we … Continue reading

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Fabric Design Contest with SAQA and Andover Fabrics

I am very happy to announce a fundraising fabric project with SAQA and Andover Fabrics – and a call for entries for all you aspiring fabric designers! Full details and instructions can be found on SAQA's website.   From … Continue reading

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Empty Time

It's March, and in my book that means it's (almost!) Spring. Even though we have several inches of crusty snow covering our yard, I am already in that I-survived-another-winter mindset, and I'm thinking about planting flowers, giving away the kids' … Continue reading

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