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Creative Nudge – Just Add Sprinkles

Happy May Day!It is snowing again in Colorado. As I mentioned in my Saturday newsletter, I had to leave Santa Fe on Friday, to go home for an emergency root canal…so I can't report to you on the SAQA conference … Continue reading

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Best Laid Plans

I'm sorry I can't report to you on the SAQA annual conference in Santa Fe, because I had to fly home yesterday so I could have an emergency root canal today! However I did manage to spend 24 hours in … Continue reading

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Creative Nudge – Joy of Making

Over the last few days I've been out doing creative fieldwork…observing the joy that comes from making one's own design. Over the weekend Denver had our own StarFest, which is the galactic Sci-Fi version of ComicCon. For 3 days the … Continue reading

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Finding Your Tribe

As the world just seems to get crazier by the day, one way we can find comfort is with our tribe. These days we don't necessarily stay in the tribe of our birth, but rather, we go out and find … Continue reading

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Creative Nudge – Ten Thousand Daffodils

*April 15. Across the years, a date full of profound events that have shaped the future. The birth of Leonardo da Vinci. The death of Lincoln. The sinking of the Titanic. The start of the Tiananmen Square demonstration. Black Friday. … Continue reading

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I Know It When I See It

People often ask me how to spot new trends. It is an elusive subject, and I honestly don't know if it is something that is innate, or a talent that can be learned. I do know that anybody who goes … Continue reading

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Creative Nudge – Creative Pet Crafts

We love to hear about all the crazy and creative things that you make with our fabrics. One of those categories is Pet Crafts. With all the novelty prints that we stock ( especially the dog and cat themed fabrics!), … Continue reading

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Stay Curious

One of the foundations of my creative life, is to stay curious. I feel sorry for people who think they know everything, and are always trying to impress their "knowledge" on those around them. One of my mentors told me … Continue reading

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Creative Nudge – Story of a Mentor

For all of our friends who have followed Sophie's adoption story from China, I thought you'd like to know that today was the 10 year anniversary of her Gotcha Day! In case you are not familiar with the term Gotcha … Continue reading

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