Creative Nudge – Window Shopping in Seville


Last summer I visited Andalucia in Spain, and I’d like to share one of my serendipitous photos from that trip. (And a few coordinating eQuilter fabrics in this collage.)

This was taken at a shop window in Seville, and the heavily embroidered shawl is the star of the show! You can also see lace, mosaics, a flamenco dancer, and antiques in this vignette. It is a celebration of their local culture.

Many of us like to collect and photograph beautiful textiles and objects to share on our blogs, or to act as a sort of 3-dimensional Mood Board…an inspiration for future creative projects. Some of us curate and assemble these collections for display in our studios or living spaces…Alters to show our reverence for the Creative Spirit.

You may do this consciously, or unconsciously, but I bet you have a little Creativity Alter going somewhere in your living or working space!

I have several of these creative vignettes around our house. They are travel mementos, small works of art and craft, gifts from artist friends, seashells gathered on the beach, mixed in with postcards, photos, and art made by my kids. My own personal museum. It always makes me smile. Our house is full of art, books, and color. Nobody could really be bored here.

What is your style and how is it reflected in your creative projects? Are you surrounded by inspiration, or is it neatly tucked in a scrapbook or drawer? We all do it differently, but we creative people always have our inspirational treasures close at hand.

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